Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mary MacKillop Place Cafe, North Sydney

Tucked away on the left of the highway (heading away from the bridge) is the Mary MacKillop Chapel, it's Museum, and a lovely indoor/outdoor cafe and shop. It's opposite the site of the old North Sydney Telephone Exchange - now an amazing new building development named (fittingly) 'The Ark'.

There's room inside if the weather is cold or inclement - but the outside area under the trees is my pick. It's a little oasis that you might need on a weekday if  you work over this way - and as peaceful as you'd expect.

Here's where you can find it:

Mary MacKillop Place
7 Mount St
North Sydney

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Cafe Viva, Balmain

A recent trip down into Balmain - past the busy centre and on down Darling St took me to this kinda funky and fabulous cafe for a catchup with friends. I was only going to have coffee - but ended up stopping long enough for lunch and to take these photos.

A friendly place - with a warm dark interior, music and movie memorabilia on it's walls and booths near the windows - it has a sort of American diner vibe but in a local cafe way (and good coffee!). With room to move, and big picture windows to watch the passers-by it's a place you could setup in to work a while, or simply enjoy some food and pass some time (as I did). There's also the themed 'viva nights' to go back and try.

Here's where it is - if you are in the neighbourhood or need to try something new:

Cafe Viva
189 Darling Street