about me

Welcome to espressosnaps - a visual diary of a coffee obsessive.

I am passionate about taking photos and love coffee and good cafes - I started out simply tweeting my cafe & coffee experience with a quick snap on the phone but it wasn't enough. So I began again in a new way.

How do you make it onto espressosnaps.blogspot.com?
This blog is not about rating cafes.
It's not a critique about where to get the greatest latte or macchiato.
It's about sharing my positive cafe journeys through photos.

I'm a repeat coffee offender - if you are on this blog it means I liked your cafe and coffee the first time I visited (and tweeted about it) and I came back to 'snap' you.

What makes a great cafe experience?

Depends on the day and my mood really . . .  arty, edgy, cozy, homely, funky, trendy, quiet, hustle&bustle - they all have their place.

Who am I?
When I'm not working you'll find me involved with school fundraising efforts (as a mum); cycling or walking with the dog; swimming & competing in ocean swims (really just for the fun of it); and 'espressosnapping' whereever I go.
I live in the inner-west of Sydney – but am trying to get out and about so this will be broader than just my little neck of the woods – you never know where I'll go next. There's no plan - it's just for fun.